Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I've been up to. . .



But I have been. . . 


Collecting samples. . .

 Look what came in the mail the other day!  I'm loving these fabric samples from Tonic Living.  Aren't they beautiful?  You can bet I'll be using one or two of them in my dining room/ living room makeover.

I've pinned up a few of my favorites on this large sample board painted out in my new living/dining room color, Portabello by Sico Paints.

. . . And I'm reviving this classic mid century piece. . .

This dresser was too beat up to consider stripping and staining so I spray painted it.  Not nearly so simple as it sounds!  I've come to the conclusion that spray paint is good for small items like lamps and chairs and pieces with intricate mill work but large flat surfaces are best handled with a foam brush and roller.  Still, I'm loving the way it's turning out and will show you the finished dresser soon.

 Continuing my crimes. . . 

. . . of painting over real wood!  I'm giving these built-ins a light and bright makeover.

Photo from June 2010







I won this Persian rug on eBay.  $85 including shipping.

Pure wool.  Hand knotted.  It'll be finding a home in my little boy's room.  More on that soon!

And as always, loving my babies.
My littlest girl does that same eyebrow thing I do -- totally reflex, unintentional.  Quirky, eh?

Lots of projects on the go. Crazy -- that's how I like it.  Can't wait to share more of the fun things I'm working on.

  Now that the weather is cooler and kids are heading back to school I also plan to spend a bit more time in front of my computer, blogging and designing. 

Oh, and I'm going back to school too!  This semester it's Color Theory and Application.  Can you spell E-X-C-I-T-E-D?
Happy September!





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