Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exterior Updates, Part One

It seems I've been MIA. . But. .
Things have been busy around here.  Along with the requisite day trips to the beach & the farm, trying to organize our home office (I'm only part way there) and nursing an infant (you know how they eat!) I've squeezed in a few home improvement projects.

Have a look!

We have new modern house numbers. . .

 and a freshly painted door.

  I showed you this picture a few weeks ago.

Since then I have freshened up the paint on the deck, installed a new mailbox and house numbers, and painted our front door. 
Subtle changes but with big impact.

(Of course there's still more to do.  The siding and trim on the house also needs to be painted. . . and that's a slightly bigger job.) 

: )
Speaking of changes, take a look at this before and after of my front door:

 What a difference a day (and a little paint) makes!  In my next couple of posts I plan to share all my project tips and secret sources with you.  Stay tuned!



  1. You have a very lovely home! The trees in front of your yard added a dramatic quality to your home. Great choice in painting the door blue; it made your door look more modern compared to its previous paint of white. I see that you’ve made a lot of changes in your home since you first moved in. Your kids are definitely loving it. :)
    {Becky Steele}

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, Becky. You made my day!