Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bathroom Before and After, Part 1 (The One Room Challenge)

Bathroom Before
Linda over at My Crafty Home Life has organized a cool thing called The One Room Challenge.  It's where twenty bloggers -- DIY and design people -- each take a room and give it makeover in 6 weeks.  Every Wednesday they report on their progress.  Although I'm not part of the 20 bloggers who have been invited to the party, I thought it would be fun to play along. Lord knows I have lots of rooms that need makeovers!  And lots of projects that need to be finished up.  Like my bathroom.  I figured something like the One Room Challenge might be just what I need to keep me motivated and on track.   Coincidentally I decided to tackle this long overdue project and came across Linda's blog on the exact day the One Room Challenge (O.R.C.) began three weeks ago.  It must be fate!
 This is what the bathroom looked like at square one.  (August of 2011.)  In this photo the old toilet has been removed and I have googled a tutorial on how to install a new one.  Thank God it worked!  Before installing the new toilet, I painted the wall behind it, because I swear, I am never doing that job again.  Not that it was so hard, just really really gross.  While I am at it I slap a quick coat of paint over the walls, not even taking time to properly edge or anything.  I can do that later.  Or so I think.

 Bathroom after 1 coat of paint and a new toilet.  And some pillowcases hung in the window.  Much prettier, no?

Better, but not nearly done.  It occurs to me that I hate that light fixture.  Always have.  And the one light socket doesn't work anyway.  So Down It Goes.  I didn't know there was a huge hole in the drywall hiding behind the old light fixture that will now have to be repaired.

What about that mirror?  That ugly 80's mirror.  I wonder how it's attached?  I slide my putty knife behind it to see.  Correct.  Glued to wall within an inch of its' life.  What's that?  I cracked it?  OOPS!     Down It Comes.  (But not without taking half the wall with it!)

That week I had a positive pregnancy test.  And I got horribly sick.   As in throwing up every day for 9 months.  Somehow I never found the gumption for another 1.5 years to tackle the rest of the project.  So there it sat, being an annoying ugly embarrassment of a bathroom.

Until now.

Bathroom progress. 

 I started by sanding off all the little bumps and cracks on the ceiling that the previous painters had ignored.  (Gotta love these old rentals.)  I continued by giving the ceiling 2 coats of kitchen and bath paint (as opposed to regular ceiling paint, because their is no vent fan in this old bathroom.)  Then on to painting the cabinets white.  Patching the drywall.  Basically re-plastering the entire wall.

By the way, I came up with a great way of patching a large hole in drywall with out having to take it  back to the stud.   I slid 3 paint stir sticks behind the wall, attached with construction adhesive and let it dry before inserting a templated piece of drywall into the opening.  Worked like a charm!

To date, I have finished painting the ceiling, walls, cabinets and trim, and installed the light fixture.
I still need to:
  • put new contact paper on the interior shelves
  • organize/ declutter the cupboards
  • re-grout the back splash
  • silicone the sink
  • possibly replace faucet with one from Habitat Restore
  • silicone tub and shower
  • level toilet and silicone around base
  • replace shower curtain with longer one
  • make shade for window
  • zshush (decorate) the room
And that, my friends, is why we need six weeks to complete a room makeover, even if it's just a lil' 'ol bathroom.  Especially if we are trying to do this in our "spare time" between the demands of motherhood, work, school, etc.  My over-optimistic self initially thought I could whip this baby off in a day or two.  (That's how I get into so much trouble, LOL!)

My plan was to do this for less than $400.
Spent so far:
  • toilet $100
  • light fixture $10  (from Value Village)
  • wall paint  $40
  • trim and cabinet paint -- left over from another project
  • ceiling paint -- left over from a class assignment
  • glass knobs $50
  • misc. supplies -- Dap, grout, drywall mud, tools, brushes and rollers -- around $100 (many of these can be reused for other projects)
  • window treatment $20 (I'm sewing it out of a sheet set I found at HomeSense)
  • current mirror, shower curtain, accessories, already owned
Wow, already at $320.  On my wish list are a new shower curtain, mirror, accessories, towels.  Yikes!  I will either have to increase the budget (won't DH be happy) or get really creative. :)
Thanks for following along on my little adventures in Makeoverland!  I think the final result will be so pretty.  Until next time,

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