Friday, January 11, 2013

More Kitchen Photos

As promised > > >
Daytime photos.

 This is the little nook where all seven of us gather to eat most of our meals.  It's a little tight, but it works, and it keeps all the mess in the kitchen -- where it belongs!

Table was a Salvation Army find.  $50 for this totally solid classic piece.  (Included 6 chairs, not shown).  It had a horrible 90's shabby chic faux finish, so I simply sanded it down lightly and spray painted it in Krylon's Greek Stone.  I like the color OK, but it's not perfect -- I'm thinking about stripping it and seeing what the real wood is like underneath -- maybe going for a weathered/ antique look.
Chairs are IKEA/ vintage.  Vase is from HomeSense.  Lilies are from Bunches -- totally affordable at $7/ stem-- and they have lasted 2 weeks so far!  I always try to keep fresh flowers in my home.  It makes any space feel gracious, loved and lived in when there are fresh flowers about.
The cabinets, floor, appliances, etc. were existing, so I had to consider each of these elements when choosing a paint color.

 Here you can see into the back entrance which has not been painted. . . not really digging the peach and magenta color scheme they had going on here. . . it's on my to-do list. . . .
 The mugs are recent Merry Christmas purchase from Anthropologie -- Thank you, Babe!

These pics are mostly a repeat of last night, with more natural light so you can get a better idea of the wall color.  I love it, but it certainly is a tricky color to decorate around.  I've heard purple also arouses strong reactions -- you either love it or hate it.  I'm curious. . . would you ever use purple in your home?

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