Friday, February 17, 2012

Progress Report: Nursery

We started with this: worn paint and damaged walls, outdated light fixture and an odd looking strip of chair rail cutting the room in half.  Enter hours and hours of patching and sanding done by yours truly. Followed by the fun part, a few less hours spent installing bead board wallpaper and painting (the walls, ceiling, trim, doors, everything!)  All done in between bouts of extreme nausea and backache. Yes, I'm proud of myself.

Here are some before shots. . .

. . . and here are some progress shots. . .

(The bead board wallpaper was super easy to install and makes a big difference.  Suddenly the chair rail makes sense.  As well, the white was really necessary to break up the intensity of all that blue.)
(You can see half of the old wall, half of the new wall here.  Exciting!)

. . . and here's a sneak peak of the newly painted space (the room still needs drapes, etc.)
(Here I am with my good friend Laurel, also a mom of five.  Laurel did the flowers at my wedding and was my doula for the birth of my first child!)
Don't you love how much brighter it looks now?  It feels so fresh and happy.