Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zero Dollar Room Makeover

Big score today at Canadian Tire!  I was able to purchase all of the paint and supplies needed for the nursery project without spending a cent of my own money!
First score: paint was on sale.  I went with the Canadian Tire Premier brand because it got great reviews on the website, and was only $25 a gallon (sale price).  I hope it performs as well for me everyone says it does.  [Update:  the performance was so-so, not bad, but I probably won't buy it again.  The eggshell took two coats to cover.  And I was quite disappointed with the trim and door paint.  I much prefer Behr paint and primer in one.] The color I picked for the walls is Debbie Travis' Good Fortune, a beautiful bright robin's egg blue.  I choose CIL Picket Fence, a warm white, for the bead board and trim. 
Second score: I was able to use my Canadian Tire Money on the Card to cover the cost of paint and supplies.  Cheap is good, free is better!
Third score: as I went through the checkout the cashier pulled out a bonus card and gave me an additional $10 off my purchase.  I guess it was my lucky day!
In other news, while at Home Depot getting a sample of Martha Stewart paint (Egg Yolk) I was told they wouldn't be carrying her paints much longer.  Sniff!  I love Martha's line up of colors and have already used a few in my projects with more planned for the future.  If anyone out there knows where she is going next, can you please let me know!  

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