Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rome redo: turning a guest room into a boys' room

With the arrival of Baby #5 only 4 months away, my thoughts have turned to creating a nursery. I think the middle room upstairs would be perfect.  It's quiet, close to the master bedroom, and just the right size.  But where to put the displaced persons (i.e. my two older boys [8 and 5] whose room I will be turning into said nursery)? The most logical solution is the guest room in our basement (which I recently redecorated for last years' Christmas guests). The boys are totally on board with the switcheroo and have already started sleeping down there.

So the question is how to turn this serene, feminine space
into something more boyish.  I found this inspiration image (from Schoolhouse Electric):
Notice the similar wall color and paneling.  Also a nearly identical layout.  I would love to recreate this charmingly old-fashioned look with some grain sack pillows and plaid camp blankets. After hours spent searching eBay for vintage blankets (couldn't find anything I liked in my price range) I spotted these plaid wool throws at IKEA.

Which of course I promptly purchased and draped over the ends of their beds. Even that simple update makes the room so much more masculine. I will also be buying an antique stained wood dresser to place between the beds for extra storage, making headboards out of some mouse-brown velvet I already have on hand and looking for some vintage style lighting to round out the design. The lovely wallpapered dresser I made last year will find a new home or be sold (contact me if you are interested!). I promise to keep you updated on the progress!

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