Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be Kind

Tonight I have just one simple thing to say:  Be Kind.  Be Kind to everyone you you meet, because you just don't know.  You just have no idea what that person might be going through.  So be kind.
This is on my mind because today I found out that friends of ours are having trouble, the sort of trouble that you think, it could never happen to them.

But you just never know, whether it's a stranger or a friend. You don't know whose child has cancer, whose husband's been cheating on her, whose house is about to be repossessed.  You just don't know.

So what is this post doing in a blog called Design Your Life?  Well, a huge part of creating the life you want is being aware.  We must be aware of our surroundings, aware of our environment, aware of how our actions affect the world around us.  It's a reminder to myself not to take anything for granted, to pay attention to the signs that something might be wrong, to get out of my blithe little bubble of worrying about what paint color goes best with my cabinets and instead be present, aware and grateful for what I have.
 Mother and son Embracing  ~  Watercolor print by Etsy seller PrintIllustrations

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